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Solution to Agriculture Sector Problems in LDCs

How to Overcome of Low Per Acre Yield/ Solution to Agriculture Sector Problems

Per acre yields in LDCs is very low as compare to developed countries in the world. Much has been done to overcome the problem of low yield. There are some improvements that are noted the result of the actions taken by the government.

In this regard following are the suggestions.

Economic Holdings:

The chief remedy for sub-division and fragmentation of landholdings lacs in the creation of economic holdings. A reasonable size of landholding is very important. it increases productivity as well as the efficiency of labour and capital productivity per acre under given conditions.

Farm Mechanization:

To increase the production level in the economy we need the use of machinery, tractors, harvesters, mowers etc. without them in LDCs we cannot increase our output level. For mechanization, mission credit should be provided.

Availability of Agricultural Credit:

Availability of capital is necessary for agricultural development. Increase in per acre yield is only possible when quality seeds, fertilizers and modem implement of agriculture are used. Financial power of farmer can be increased by making adequate arrangement of agricultural credit.

Controlling Water-logging and Salinity:

Effective measures should be adopted to control water-logging and silently because millions of acres of land are affected every year. This can be done by installing tube well, concreting the canal sides and construction of water channels for outlet of flooded water.


Area under cultivation is badly affected by soil erosion so replanting of trees affected area is necessary, building of embankments by the cultivators and discouraging uncontrolled grazing can decrease soil erosion. Digging of counter trenches is also useful.

Consolidation of Land:

Uneconomic holdings should be consolidated so that modern tools and machinery of agriculture could be used to increase productivity.

Better Facilities of Irrigation:

Majority of total area under cultivation depends upon artificial irrigation. There is wastage of water, water courses should be improved, and subsidy should be given for installing tube wells. Government should construct dams for the smooth and sufficient supply of water.

Adequate use of Urea:

Use of urea is less because income of our farmer is low. It is necessary that use of urea should be increased, to increase agriculture productivity because 15% to 20% production can be increased with the use of urea.

Availability of Quality Seeds:

Quality seeds can increase production. Quality seeds should be made available to farmer at their doorstep. Adequate use of quality seeds can increase production by 10%.

Plant Protection:

About 15% of the agricultural produce is wasted due to pests and plant diseases and locusts. Adequate measures should be adopted for plant protection.

Use of Modern Technology:

Agriculture productivity is low because old techniques of production are used. Barren and uncultivated land can be used if modern implements are used

Land Reforms:

In LDCs above 90% of farmers hold less than 25 acres of land and 15% hold 50 acres to 150 acres while only 3% hold more than 150 acres of agricultural land. Those who hold hundreds of acres of land are not interested in agriculture and are living in posh colonies of cities, therefore, land reforms are necessary.

Agricultural Education and Research:

In the agriculture sector, people learn the old and backward techniques of production and start cultivating but do not get professional knowledge from colleges and universities. Knowledge of modern education and research in agriculture is necessary to run the agriculture sector on modern lines.

Organizing Agricultural Markets:

There is a need for organizing agricultural markets. Actual power receives minimum profit while incentives for the farmers, hence, markets should be so organized that agriculturists get appropriate profit and for this, means of transport should be made available, weights should be checked, and farmers should be informed about market price.

Adequate Credit Facilities:

The majority of farmers in LDCs is poor. They cannot purchase improved inputs. Interest-free credit facilities should be provided to small farmers.

Green Belts Around Urban Areas:

Incentives should be given for green belts around urban areas to produce vegetables, meat, dairy products, poultry and pulses.

Upgrading the Units of Cultivation:

Experts in agriculture believe that size of the farm should be reasonable for the proper use of improved implements and various inputs. In LDCs the size of the farm of the average cultivation is very small. The size of the farm should be upgraded.

Production of Oil Seeds and Livestock Development:

There is a scope to increase the output of oilseeds. The cultivation of oil seeds needs stepping up. Oilseeds are a source of edible oil and proteins for animals and poultry feeds. We import substandard qualities of edible oil. Every effort should be made to increase the output of oilseed crops and thus the precious foreign exchange. Expansion of rangelands in Barani and other areas in country is necessary as there is shortage of wheat and milk.

Better Facilities in Rural Areas:

At present the facilities of modern life in rural areas are inadequate. Educated and influential landlords are moving to urban areas. Better facilities should be provided to keep the rural areas attractive for the people. Clean drinking water should be supplied to people in rural areas to keep them healthy and to maintain the productivity of working people.

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