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Money Banking and Finance

Money Banking and Finance (MBF) Syllabus for Associate Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B.com)

Money Banking and Finance (MBF) Syllabus for (B.com)



Introduction: Evolution, forms and Issuance, Functions, Importance and Role of Money.


Determination of the Value: Quantity Theory of Money, Cash Balance Theory of Money, Modern theory of Money,

Changes in Value: Inflation, Kinds, Causes, Remedies, Deflation, Reflation, Disinflation, Stagflation.

Measurement of Changes in Value: Index Numbers, Devaluation of Money. Foreign Exchange: Introduction, Determination of Rates of Exchange and factors involved.

Introduction to Money and Capital Markets:

Trade Cycle: Phases, Causes, Remedies, Theory of Trade Cycles.

International Monetary Systems: IMF, IBRD, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank.


Introduction: Evolution, Definition, Kinds of Banks. Scope of Banking.

Commercial Bank: Functions, Importance, Role of Banks, Credit Instruments & Credit Creation, Scope of E. Banking.

Bank Accounts: Opening, Operations and Closure of Various Types of Accounts.

Banker-Customer Relationship: Different Types of Customers, Nature of Relationship, Rights and Dut ies of Both Parties.

Bank Advances: Running Finance, Cash Finance, Demand Finance, Term Finance, Discounting of Bills, Purchase of Bills. Principles, Precautions and Procedures for advancing.

Letter of Credits: Kinds, Operations, Advantages.

Central Bank: Functions, Monetary Policy, State Bank of Pakistan, Functions and Role in the Economic Development of Pakistan.

Banking in Pakistan: Brief History, Nationalization, Privatization, ADBP, IDBP.

Islamic Banking: Evolution of Islamic Banking System in Pakistan.


Importance, Kinds & Sources of Interest Based and Interest Free Financing.

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