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Introduction to Business Administration

Code: BADMIN-111

Title: Introduction to
Business Administration

Credit Hours: 03


To enhance students to full range of functions of business

Course Contents Business

Scope, Importance and Functions, Entrepreneurial qualities of Businessman. Business environment and social responsibility. Role of business in economic progress of the country. Problems of business.

Forms of Business Organization

Sole proprietorships – Nature, Advantages and Disadvantages, Partnership, Classification, Advantages and Disadvantages, Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Partners, dissolution of partnership. Joint Stock Company, Types – Chartered Statuary and Registered Formation – Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus, Capital Management, Meetings and Winding up Features, Merits and Demerits, Management of the Companies

Cooperative Ownership and Business Combinations

Types of Cooperatives, Advantages and Disadvantages. Business Combination, Meaning, Types and Forms causes and purposes, Advantages and Disadvantages


Definition, Components, Importance, Kinds and Sources, Long Term and Short Term Financing. Some Important Financial Institutions. Stock Exchange and Commodity Exchange, Nature, Role and Significance. Risk & Insurance, Protection against Risks, Importance and Types of Insurance, Types of Risks


Process of Marketing, Definition, Functions and Scope Approaches to the Study of Marketing. Marketing Mix for Physical Goods and Service Products, Importance. Channels of Distribution for Consumer Good and Organizational Goods. Marketing Communication and Promotion, Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relation, Packaging.


Wholesale and Retail, Meaning, Importance, Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages. Foreign Trade, Imports and Exports, Role in Economic Development of the Country.

Physical Factors

Selecting Business Location, Factors Influencing Locations, Small Business, VS Large Business Purchasing and Inventory Control Coordination of Purchasing with Sales, Organization of Purchasing Department, centralize vs. Decentralize Purchasing, Purchasing Policies and Procedure Inventory Control 

The Personnel Department

Employment Division, Recovering, Placement Promotion. Wages and Salary Section, Analysis & Job Classification, Pay Scales. Training Program, Apprentice, Supervisory etc.

Recommended Books:

·        Rober C. Appleby, Modern Business Administration,

·        Shoukat Ali, Introduction to Business

·        Muhammad Irshad, Introduction to Business. Latest Edition. Naveed Publication Lahore.

·        Khalid Mehmood Cheema and Syed Mobin Mahmood. Introduction to Business & Co Lahore Latest Edition.

·       Theodre J. Sielaff & Belmont. Introduction to Business. Latest Edition. California.

·        Askari Zaidi, Fundamentals of Business, Orient Publishers, Karachi 8. Ali M. H., Introduction to Business

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