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Title: Entrepreneurship

Code: BBA-211

Credit Hours: 03

Course Contents:


The concept of entrepreneurship, The economist view of entrepreneurship, The sociologist view, Behavioural approach, Entrepreneurship and Management

The Practice of Entrepreneurship:

The process of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Management, The entrepreneurial business, Entrepreneurship in service institutions, The new venture

Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

The innovation concepts, Importance of innovation for entrepreneurship, Sources of innovative opportunities, The innovation process, Risks involved in innovation

Developing Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurial profile, Trait approach to understanding entrepreneurship, Factors influencing entrepreneurship, The environment, Socio cultural factors, Support systems

Entrepreneurship Organization:

Team work, Networking organization, Motivation and compensation, Value system

Entrepreneurship and SMES:

Defining SMEs, Scope of SMEs, Entrepreneurial, managers of SME, Financial and marketing problems of SMEs

Entrepreneurial Marketing:

Framework for developing entrepreneurial marketing, Devising entrepreneurial marketing plan, Entrepreneurial marketing strategies, Product quality and design

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development:

Role of entrepreneur in the economic development generation of services, Employment creation and training, Ideas, knowledge and skill development, The Japanese experience

Case Studies of Successful Entrepreneurs

Recommended Books:

  • Paul Burns and Jim Dew Hurst: Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • N. Singh: Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth
  • Peter F. Drucker: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Peter F. Drucker
  • John B. Miner: Entrepreneurial Success

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