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Economics Syllabus for Associate Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B.com)


Introduction: Definition, Nature, Scope and Importance (Micro and Macro) Economics, Description, Analysis and Policy: Economic Methodology.

Consumption: Definition and meaning, Diminishing Marginal Utility,  Consumer’s  Surplus, Law of Substitution; Indifference Curves. Consumer’s Equilibrium with Indifference Curves. Price and Income effect.

Demand & Supply: Definition and meaning, Curves; Elasticity of Demand and  its measurement. Income and Cross Elasticity. Supply, Changes in supply. Elasticity of Supply, Market Equilibrium Analysis.

Production: Law of variable proportions Factors of Production, Land, Labour and its mobility, Capital, its meaning, accumulation of capital, productivity of Capital, Entrepreneur, Functions of Entrepreneur.

Costs of Production: Fixed, Variable, Total, Average and Marginal; Costs over time period. Derivation of short and long run cost curves.

Market: Perfect and Imperfect Competition. Demand and Supply Relationship. Market Price determination under Perfect Competition, Monopoly and Monopolistic, Competition, Oligopoly, Duopoly (Basic Concepts).

Factor Pricing: Rent, Wages, Interest and Profit.

National Income: Measurement of National Income: Concepts of National Income-GNP, National Income at market price, at factor Cost; Measurement of National Product in current price and in constant prices.

Public Finance: Meaning, Difference between Private and Public Finance, Kinds of Taxes and Cannons of Taxation.

Economics in Islam: Economic role of State in Islam, Zakat and Usher.

Mathematical Economics: Differentiation of functions. Partial differentiation. Application of derivatives in Business/Commerce, Optimization. (Maximization and Minimization)


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