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Economics of Pakistan

Economics Of Pakistan Syllabus for Associate Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B.com)


  1. Economic Development and its Requisites. Mineral, power, water, forest and Human resources. Influence of resources on economic and social
  2. Development of Natural Resources
  3. Agricultural Development: Main products. Food problems, Price of Agricultural products and Government policies, collective and cooperative Farming; Agricultural Finance: Problems and Remedies; Marketing of Agricultural products and problems related thereto.
  4. Industrial Development: Present position and prospects. Industrial finance and financial Institutions; Localization of Industries; Private and Public Investment; Large Scale, Small Scale, and Cottage Industries, SAMEDA, Marketing of Industrial Products.
  5. Trade: Main Exports and Imports; Volume, Value and trends in foreign trade and Balance of payments; Trade agreements.
  6. Transport and Communication: Development of means of Transport and Communication and their role in economic development.
  7. Economic Planning, Budgeting and Debts


  1. Saeed Nasir. Economic Problems of Pakistan. Ilmi Book House, Lahore.
  2. Government of Pakistan. Economic
  3. Government of Pakistan. The Five-year
  4. Amjid Saeed Economy of Pakistan.
  5. Parvez Hasan, Pakistan’s Economy at the Crossroads, past policies and present imperatives, Oxford University Press,
  6. Ishrat Hussain, Pakistan the Economy of An Elitist State, Oxford University Press, Karachi.

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