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Computer (Introduction and Applications)

Code: COMP-111

Subject Title: Introduction and Applications

Credit Hours: 03

Introduction to computers, Characteristics of computers, Components of computers, Categories of computers, Computer applications/uses in society, Components of system unit; Presenting the Internet, Communicating through the Internet; Interacting with the computer (Input devices), Using the Keyboard and Mouse; Seeing, Hearing, and Printing Data (Output devices), Video and Sound, Printing; Processing Data, Transforming Data into Information; Storing Data, Types of Storage Devices; Operating Systems, Operating System Basics, Survey of PC and Network Operating Systems; Working with Application Software, Productivity Software, Graphics and Multimedia Software; Networks, Types of computer networks, Data communication; Database Management, Database Management Systems, Survey of Database Systems; Development of Information Systems, Basics of Information Systems; Information Assurance: Security, Privacy, and Ethics

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word:

Introduction to word, creating, saving, closing and opening a file, difference between save and save, moving through the word document, selecting, cut, copy and paste through shortcuts and edit menu, undo and repeat, word menu bar and drop down menu, tool bar and status bar. Formatting using menu and formatting bar, paragraph formatting, borders and shading, spell checking, creating and manipulating table;

Microsoft Excel:

Introduction to Excel, creating, saving closing and opening a worksheet, entering data, calculations using operators, using Functions, IF statement, creating and manipulating charts.

Microsoft Power Point:

Introduction to Power Point, presentations, creating a new blank presentation, presentation type, different view icons, new, outline, slide and slide show, slide animations, animation effect, slide timings, picture and backgrounds, drawing tools, selecting object, grouping and ungrouping, resizing and rotating objects.

Text Books:

  • Peter Norton’s Introduction to Computers, 6th Edition
  • Microsoft Office 2003: The Complete Reference by Jennifer Kettell, Guy Hart-Davis and Curt Simmons

Recommended Books:

  • Computer Fundamentals (Paperback) by P. K. Sinha
  • Discovering Computers 2008: Living in a Digital World, Fundamentals (Shelly Cashman Series) by Gary B. Shelly and Misty E. Vermaat

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