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Introduction to Pakistan Economy Important Short Questions

Introduction to Pakistan Economy

Q.1:     Write down the names of Kharif crops.

Ans:     Kharif crops include rice, sugarcane, cotton, Maize, long, March, Bajra and Jowar, etc.

Q.2:     Write down the names of crops in Kharif rubber Rabi crops.

Ans:     Rabi crops include wheat, gram, lentil (masoor), tobacco, rapeseed, barley, and mustard, etc.

Q.3:     Write down the names of major industries in Pakistan?

Ans:     1) Textile industry

2) Automobile industry

3) Fertilizer industry

4) Cement industry

5) Paint and varnish industry

Q.4:     State major exports of Pakistan.

Ans:     Cotton, cotton yarn, cotton cloth, rice, leather and leather products, surgical instruments, sports goods, carpets, hosiery, and readymade garments.

Q.5:     State main imports of Pakistan.

Ans:     Machinery, petroleum, and its products, Chemicals, transport goods edible oil, iron and steel, fertilizer anti and tea.

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